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A Mind Spread Out on the Ground
Elliott, Alicia
read on May 26, 2021

This is billed as a collection of essays, but that doesn't do it justice. It's not quite an autobiography either, nor is it memoir. But it is an absolute tour de force. Elliot's perspective and lived experience is deeply powerful, even to someone like myself who frankly had so little overlap or sympathy, though that of course made it all the more urgent of a read. Some of it was very uncomfortable. Some of it I didn't 'agree' with (to whatever extent one can disagree with this kind of writing, which is not explicitly persuasive but obviously does persuade). But all of it felt deeply essential, and raw, and authentic. The writing is just absolutely fantastic. Really, spectacularly good.

Author Bio:

Alicia Elliott is a Mohawk writer living in Brantford, Ontario. She has written for The Globe and Mail, CBC, Hazlitt and many others. She’s had essays nominated for National Magazine Awards for three straight years, winning Gold in 2017, and her short fiction was selected for Best American Short Stories 2018, Best Canadian Stories 2018, and Journey Prize Stories 30. She was chosen by Tanya Talaga as the 2018 recipient of the RBC Taylor Emerging Writer Award. Her first book, A Mind Spread Out On The Ground, is a national bestseller.