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A Novel
Andy Weir
read on January 12, 2018

Meh. This book was super vanilla. I've been reading fantastic fiction lately, which really makes the flaws in this book stand out. It's super predictable, the characters are shallow, they don't develop at all, and the writing is just very ... normal? I don’t know - nothing really stood out here at all. I’m sure they’ll make this into a movie eventually, and by the time it comes out I’ll have forgotten everything about it.

I don’t really remember The Martian well enough to do a fair comparison, but I seem to remember the writing in that book being a bit more creative and unusual.

This was dissapointing.

Author Bio:

Andrew Taylor Weir (born June 16, 1972) is an American novelist whose debut novel, The Martian, was later adapted into a film of the same name directed by Ridley Scott in 2015. He also worked as a computer programmer for much of his life. He received the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer in 2016