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addabook - The Man Who Folded Himself
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The Man Who Folded Himself
David Gerrold
read on December 1, 2016

Once I created a world where Jesus Christ never existed. Yeshua ben Yusef went out into the desert to fast and he never came back. Never went to Jerusalem. Never got crucified. Never had followers. The twentieth century I returned to was—different. Alien. The languages were different, the clothing styles, the maps, everything. The cities were smaller; the buildings were shorter and the streets were narrower. There were fewer cars and they seemed ugly and inefficient. There were slave traders in the city that would have been New York. There were temples to Gods I didn’t recognize. Everything was wrong. I could have been on another planet. The culture was incomprehensible. 


This is a very odd book about time travel. Nothing about it was terribly novel, or very well done. I remember in college really liking Gerrold's War Against the Ctorr series, and so was a bit disappointed by this book. It's all about alternate timelines and parallel universes but eventually sort of gets too wrapped up in itself and loses its thread on reality. Would be a more interesting short story, in a way. I think the ideas about death here are more interesting than the ideas about time. 

Author Bio:

David Gerrold (born January 24, 1944)[1][2][3] is an American science fiction screenwriter and novelist known for his script for the popular original Star Trek episode "The Trouble With Tribbles", for creating the Sleestak race on the TV series Land of the Lost,[4] and for his novelette "The Martian Child", which won both Hugo and Nebula awards, and was adapted into a 2007 film starring John Cusack.