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The Scholar of Moab
Steven L. Peck
read on January 14, 2019

This was a very interesting book, and very original, but ultimately a swing and a miss for me. The story centers around an uneducated man named Hyrum, and the various mysteries and odd events that happen around and to him.

I traded off reading this while also reading Educated, which may have been to my detriment, as I felt that the themes here were actually quite similar. Moab is a narrative constructed to investigate truth. What is true, how do we know that it is true? How do different people react to new information, and how is that contextualized into their existing worldview in order to determine truth? The narrative style - told through a series of journals and historical archives, by an unnamed historian - is interesting. I very much didn't like it at the beginning, but it eventually grew on me.

Overall, the more subtle lessons in introspective truth-finding here were outmatched - or at least outshone - by their counterparts in Educated. Moab was interesting and unique, but not something I expect I'll remember very much at all in the future.

Author Bio:

Steven L. Peck (born July 25, 1957) is an evolutionary biologist, blogger, poet, and novelist. His literary work is influential in Mormon literature circles. He is a professor of biology at Brigham Young University (BYU). He grew up in Moab, Utah and lives in Pleasant Grove, Utah.