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Tags: audiobook

Figuring Maria Popova Read: December 31, 2020
Tags: artenvironmentalismfeminismgood coverhistorypoliticsscience
A Season on the Wind Kenn Kaufman Read: October 20, 2020
Tags: birdsclimateclimate changeenergynaturescience
Caste Isabel Wilkerson Read: September 10, 2020
Tags: WW2american historycastehistoryholocaustpoliticsraceracismsociology
The New Jim Crow Michelle Alexander Read: September 10, 2020
Tags: crimehistoryinequalitypoliticsprisonracismus history
The Order of Time Carlo Rovelli Read: May 2, 2020
Tags: consciousnessphysicsselftime
Politics Is for Power Eitan Hersh Read: May 15, 2020
Tags: american historypolitics
The Warmth of Other Suns Isabel Wilkerson Read: April 15, 2020
Tags: american historygreat migrationhistoryjim crowraceracismslavery
Normal People Sally Rooney Read: February 1, 2020
Tags: good cover
Down Girl Kate Manne Read: January 15, 2020
Tags: emergencefeminismmisogynyphilosophypolitics
The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog Bruce Perry Read: December 5, 2019
Tags: abusebehaviorpsychology
Good and Mad Rebecca Traister Read: November 5, 2019
Tags: american historyangerbad coverfeminismhistorypoliticsracismsexism
Bad Blood John Carreyrou Read: November 3, 2019
Tags: Elizabeth HolmesRupert Murdochbad coverfraudjournalismpsychopathysexism
Catch and Kill Ronan Farrow Read: October 27, 2019
Tags: The Psychopath Testfeminismharassmentpowersexism
How to Hide an Empire Daniel Immerwahr Read: October 23, 2019
Tags: historymanifest destinynative americansracismus history
CIRCE Madeline Miller Read: June 5, 2019
Tags: good covergreek mythology
The Psychopath Test Jon Ronson Read: May 15, 2019
Tags: conspiracygood coverpsychopathspsychopathy
Becoming Michelle Obama Read: April 17, 2019
Tags: historymemoirobamapolitics
Lords of Finance Liaquat Ahamed Read: April 27, 2019
Tags: depressionfinancekeynesmacro economymonetary policyww1ww2
Evicted Matthew Desmond Read: February 28, 2019
Tags: empathygood coverhomelessnessincentivespoverty
Unsheltered Barbara Kingsolver Read: February 15, 2019
Tags: climate changecubasustainability
Educated Tara Westover Read: December 20, 2018
Tags: abuseeducationgritreligion
Hope in the Dark Rebecca Solnit Read: December 6, 2018
Tags: hopepolitical philosophypolitics
My Brilliant Friend Elena Ferrante Read: November 23, 2018
Tags: bad covercomingofagefemininityfriendshipreally bad cover
Little Fires Everywhere Celeste Ng Read: October 11, 2018
Tags: empathyfamilygood cover
An American Marriage Tayari Jones Read: October 24, 2018
Tags: marriageprisonraceracism
Being Mortal Atul Gawande Read: September 18, 2018
Tags: ageagingdeathdyingmedicine
The Argonauts Maggie Nelson Read: September 27, 2018
Tags: gender
Prodigal Summer Barbara Kingsolver Read: August 22, 2018
Tags: test
Lower Ed Tressie McMillan Cottom Read: August 26, 2018
Tags: bad covercapitalismeducationexploitationracesociology
Homo Deus Yuval Noah Harari Read: June 5, 2018
Tags: aifree willfuturehumanitysocial science
Area X Jeff VanderMeer Read: March 3, 2018
Tags: fictiongreat coverscifi
Dreamland Sam Quinones Read: February 15, 2018
Tags: addictioncapitalismdrugsheroinincentivesopiates
Faster, Higher, Farther Jack Ewing Read: January 21, 2018
Tags: carsenergyfinancescandal
Artemis Andy Weir Read: January 12, 2018
Tags: fictionscifispace
White Trash Nancy Isenberg Read: November 13, 2017
Tags: american historyclasseconomicshistoryinequality
The Invention of Nature Andrea Wulf Read: October 28, 2017
Tags: DarwinHeckleHumboldtMuirRoyal Society Insight Investment Science Book Prizebiographyexplorernaturescience
Istanbul Thomas F. Madden Read: October 18, 2017
Tags: ConstantinopleIstanbulchristianityhistoryreligion
The Age of Cryptocurrency Paul Vigna Read: August 8, 2017
Tags: bitcoinblockchaincyrptocurrency
Misbehaving Richard H. Thaler Read: May 11, 2017
Tags: behavioral econbehavioral financefinancememior
The Bonfire of the Vanities Tom Wolfe Read: April 28, 2017
Tags: great writingmasters of the universevanity
The Euro Joseph E. Stiglitz Read: April 10, 2017
Tags: ECBEUReconmacro econ
Venice Thomas F. Madden Read: March 13, 2017
Tags: historyla serratatravelvenice
Conquerors Roger Crowley Read: March 21, 2017
Tags: AfricaIndiaPortugalhistorymapsoceantrade
Command and Control Eric Schlosser Read: February 1, 2017
Tags: WWIIcold warmilitarynuclearnukesrussia
So You've Been Publicly Shamed Jon Ronson Read: December 1, 2016
Tags: crowdsshamesocial media
The Great Leader and the Fighter Pilot Blaine Harden Read: August 8, 2016
Tags: north korea
The Boom Russell Gold Read: May 11, 2016
Tags: energyfossil fuelsfrackingoil
A Fighting Chance Elizabeth Warren Read: March 11, 2016
Tags: Elizabeth Warrenbailoutfinancial crisispoliticstarp
Bird by Bird Anne Lamott Read: January 1, 2016
Tags: writing
Them Jon Ronson Read: January 1, 2016
Tags: bilderbergconspiracyextremists
The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels Alex Epstein Read: January 1, 2016
Tags: energymoralityoilpolicysustainability
Vienna, 1814 David King Read: December 1, 2015
Tags: Napoleoneuropehistory
The Road to Character David Brooks Read: December 1, 2015
Tags: charactermoralityphilosophy
The Soul of an Octopus Sy Montgomery Read: October 1, 2015
Tags: consciousnesspseudoscience
The Man Who Wasn't There Anil Ananthaswamy Read: September 1, 2015
Tags: consciousnessmemoryneurosciencetime
All the Light We Cannot See Anthony Doerr Read: May 19, 2015
Tags: clair de lunefictionroad trip
Elon Musk Ashlee Vance Read: March 19, 2015
Tags: elon muskenergyspacexsustainabilitytesla
Superintelligence Nick Bostrom Read: November 1, 2014
Tags: artificial intelligencemorality
Stress Test Timothy F. Geithner Read: September 1, 2014
Tags: 2008economicsfinancefinancial crisistreasury
Going Clear Lawrence Wright Read: August 1, 2014
Tags: religionscientology
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich William L. Shirer Read: July 1, 2014
Tags: WWIIgermanyhistoryhitler
The Story of the Human Body Daniel Lieberman Read: June 1, 2014
Tags: evolutionscience
Creativity, Inc. Ed Catmull Read: May 1, 2014
Tags: businesscreativityleadershipmanagement
Flash Boys Michael Lewis Read: April 1, 2014
Tags: HFTaifinancehigh frequency tradingstockstradingwall street
The Martian Andy Weir Read: April 1, 2014
Tags: great covermarsspace
Calculating God Robert J. Sawyer Read: April 1, 2014
Tags: ethicsreligion
The Future of the Mind Michio Kaku Read: March 1, 2014
Tags: brainsconsciousnessintelligenceneuroscience
The Elephant Whisperer Lawrence Anthony Read: February 1, 2014
Tags: elephants
Musicophilia Oliver Sacks Read: February 1, 2014
Tags: brainsintelligencemusicneurosciencepitchsound
Solaris Stanislaw Lem Read: December 1, 2013
Tags: alienconsciousnessidentityintelligence
Beyond Religion Dalai Lama Read: December 1, 2013
Tags: ethicshappinessmorality
Birdology Sy Montgomery Read: December 1, 2013
Tags: birdspseuduoscience
Brain on Fire Susannah Cahalan Read: November 1, 2013
Tags: brainsneurosciencepersonalityreality
Automate This Christopher Steiner Read: November 1, 2013
Tags: aialgorithmscoding
1Q84 Haruki Murakami Read: October 1, 2013
Tags: dreamsurreal
The Everything Store Brad Stone Read: October 1, 2013
Tags: amazonbezos
The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat Oliver Sacks Read: October 1, 2013
Tags: behaviorbrainsneuroscienceprosopagnosia
Eating Animals Jonathan Safran Foer Read: September 1, 2013
Tags: animalsconsciousnessdietmeatmorality
The Basque History of the World Mark Kurlansky Read: August 1, 2013
Tags: basquedonostiaetaguernicahistory
Dreamland David K. Randall Read: August 1, 2013
Tags: dreamssleep
Time Reborn Lee Smolin Read: August 1, 2013
Tags: time
Animal Wise Virginia Morell Read: July 1, 2013
Tags: brainsconsciousnessdolphinselephantsneuroscience
Biocentrism Robert Lanza Read: July 1, 2013
Tags: consciousnessdouble slit experimentphysicsquantum physicsspacetime
Legacy of Ashes Tim Weiner Read: July 1, 2013
Tags: ciacuban missile criseshistorypolitics
The Dinner Herman Koch Read: June 1, 2013
Tags: great fiction
How the Mind Works Steven Pinker Read: June 1, 2013
Tags: braindoomsday machinegendergriefneurosciencepain
The Art of Fielding Chad Harbach Read: May 1, 2013
Tags: good cover
The Vital Question Nick Lane Read: April 1, 2013
Tags: biologyboringdid not finishevolutionsleep aid
In The Plex Steven Levy Read: April 1, 2013
Tags: googleipo
Reamde Neal Stephenson Read: March 1, 2013
The Righteous Mind Jonathan Haidt Read: February 1, 2013
Tags: emergencemoralitypartisanpolitics
On Intelligence Jeff Hawkins Read: February 1, 2013
Tags: aiartificial intelligencebrainsintelligencememoryneuroscience
SEAL Team Six Howard E. Wasdin Read: February 1, 2013
Tags: militaryseal
Truth in Advertising John Kenney Read: February 1, 2013
How to Create a Mind Ray Kurzweil Read: January 1, 2013
Tags: aiartificial intelligencebrainsmemoryneuroscience
Plutocrats Chrystia Freeland Read: January 1, 2013
Tags: econhappinessincome inequalityla serratamacro econplutocracypolicyvenicewealth
Wait Frank Partnoy Read: January 1, 2013
Tags: behavioral econdiscount curvediscount rateirrationalitymarshmallow testpersonal discount rate
The 5 Love Languages Gary Chapman Read: December 1, 2012
Tags: advicebad coverloverelationships
Virtually You Elias Aboujaoude Read: November 1, 2012
Tags: behaviorinternetphycology
Proof of Heaven Eben Alexander Read: November 1, 2012
Tags: awfuldishonestgarbagehorrible
The Facebook Effect David Kirkpatrick Read: October 1, 2012
Tags: facebookzuckerberg
On Second Thought Wray Herbert Read: September 1, 2012
Tags: behavioral econpsychology
The Glorious Cause Robert Middlekauff Read: August 1, 2012
Tags: american historyhistoryrevolutionary warusa
Dark Pools Scott Patterson Read: July 1, 2012
Tags: aidark poolsfinancehigh frequency tradingstockstradingwall street
The Sweet Life in Paris David Lebovitz Read: June 1, 2012
Tags: paris
Contested Will James Shapiro Read: June 1, 2012
Tags: shakespeare
13 Things that Don't Make Sense Michael Brooks Read: May 1, 2012
Tags: deathphysicssciencesenescence
Proust and the Squid Maryanne Wolf Read: April 1, 2012
Tags: brainsdevelopmentlanguagelearningneuroscienceplasticityreadingwriting
Quiet Susan Cain Read: April 1, 2012
Tags: advicebehaviorextrovertintrovert
The Night Circus Erin Morgenstern Read: April 24, 2012
Tags: good cover
Spark John J. Ratey Read: March 1, 2012
Tags: bad coverbrainexercisehealthneuroscience
The Shallows Nicholas Carr Read: March 1, 2012
Tags: brainsinternetmemoryneuroscienceplasticitytrends
The Information James Gleick Read: December 1, 2011
Tags: changeevolutionhistoryinformationinternetlanguagememesmusic
Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World Jack Weatherford Read: November 1, 2011
Tags: genghis khanhistorymongolia
Thinking, Fast and Slow Daniel Kahneman Read: October 1, 2011
Tags: behavioral econbehavioral financebiasesheuristics
Boomerang Michael Lewis Read: October 1, 2011
Tags: 2008europefinancefinancial crisis
Sex at Dawn Christopher Ryan Read: September 1, 2011
Tags: evolutionsex
Nothing to Envy Barbara Demick Read: September 1, 2011
Tags: authoritarianismnorth korea
Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman! (Adventures of a Curious Character) Richard P. Feynman Read: September 1, 2011
Tags: dreamseverythingfeynmanfirst principalslocksphysics
Four Fish Paul Greenberg Read: September 1, 2011
Tags: farmingfishfoodsustainability
The Lonely Polygamist Brady Udall Read: August 1, 2011
Tags: meh
The Clockwork Universe Edward Dolnick Read: July 1, 2011
Tags: enlightenmentroyal societyscience
Moonwalking with Einstein Joshua Foer Read: May 1, 2011
Tags: covermemorymemory palacenew yorkpopular science
The Compass of Pleasure David J. Linden Read: May 1, 2011
Tags: braincoverneurosciencesciencessri
Packing for Mars Mary Roach Read: April 15, 2011
Tags: readablesciencespace
21 Dog Years Mike Daisey Read: April 9, 2011
Tags: amazonbad coverdisappointinghyperbolic
The Hunger Games (Book 1) Suzanne Collins Read: March 1, 2011
The Greatest Trade Ever Gregory Zuckerman Read: February 1, 2011
Tags: crisisfinancefinancial crisisgoldwall st
The Island at the Center of the World Russell Shorto Read: February 1, 2011
Tags: american historyhistorynew york
All the Devils Are Here Bethany McLean Read: February 1, 2011
Tags: 2008financefinancial crisis
The Emperor of All Maladies Siddhartha Mukherjee Read: January 1, 2011
Tags: cancerhealthmedicinescience
The Predators' Ball Connie Bruck Read: December 1, 2010
Tags: dbldrexelfinancefraud
The Smartest Guys in the Room Bethany McLean Read: December 1, 2010
Tags: enronfinancefraud
For Better Tara Parker-Pope Read: November 1, 2010
Tags: alternate coverrelationships
Bombardiers Po Bronson Read: November 1, 2010
Tags: financestockstrading
The Thousand Kevin Guilfoile Read: November 1, 2010
Tags: daring fireballehfiction
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator Edwin Lefèvre Read: October 1, 2010
Tags: bucket shophistorystocks
The Disappearing Spoon Sam Kean Read: September 1, 2010
Tags: chemistrygreat cover
The Undercover Economist Tim Harford Read: September 1, 2010
Tags: econ
Traffic Tom Vanderbilt Read: August 1, 2010
Tags: behavioral econcounterintuitivetraffic
Banker To The Poor Muhammad Yunus Read: July 1, 2010
Tags: burke gilmanmicrolendingstp
The Logic of Life Tim Harford Read: June 1, 2010
Tags: bad coverbehavioral econ
On the Brink Henry M. Paulson Read: June 1, 2010
Tags: 2008bailoutfinancial crisistarp
The End of Wall Street Roger Lowenstein Read: May 1, 2010
Tags: 2008financial crisiswall street
The Quants Scott Patterson Read: May 1, 2010
Tags: ed thorpquantssuccess
The Big Short Michael Lewis Read: May 1, 2010
Tags: 2008financial crisisinvestingwall street
No One Would Listen Harry Markopolos Read: May 1, 2010
Tags: croatiafraudponzi
Born to Run Christopher McDougall Read: April 1, 2010
Tags: running
When Genius Failed Roger Lowenstein Read: April 1, 2010
Tags: LTCMfinance
The Ascent of Money Niall Ferguson Read: March 1, 2010
Tags: creditfinancemoney
The Art of Racing in the Rain Garth Stein Read: February 21, 2010
Tags: dogsseattle
Liar's Poker Michael Lewis Read: February 21, 2010
Tags: wall street
Too Big to Fail Andrew Ross Sorkin Read: January 1, 2010
Tags: 2008financial crisis
Bringing Down the House Ben Mezrich Read: January 25, 2010
Tags: ed thorpgambling
The Crash of 2008 and What it Means George Soros Read: November 1, 2009
Tags: 2008financial crisiskarl popperphilosophy
How We Decide Jonah Lehrer Read: October 1, 2009
Tags: brainneuroscience