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Tags: finance

The Triumph of Injustice Emmanuel Saez Read: October 29, 2020
Tags: americachristmaschristmas 2019financeincomeincome inequalitypoliticstaxtaxesus historyusawealth
Capitalist Realism Mark Fisher Read: September 11, 2020
Tags: capitalismeconomicsfinancemoneyphilosophypolitics
Business Adventures John Brooks Read: December 9, 2019
Tags: bill gatesbusinessfinanceinvestingstock market
Lords of Finance Liaquat Ahamed Read: April 27, 2019
Tags: depressionfinancekeynesmacro economymonetary policyww1ww2
Faster, Higher, Farther Jack Ewing Read: January 21, 2018
Tags: carsenergyfinancescandal
Misbehaving Richard H. Thaler Read: May 11, 2017
Tags: behavioral econbehavioral financefinancememior
Stress Test Timothy F. Geithner Read: September 1, 2014
Tags: 2008economicsfinancefinancial crisistreasury
Flash Boys Michael Lewis Read: April 1, 2014
Tags: HFTaifinancehigh frequency tradingstockstradingwall street
Dark Pools Scott Patterson Read: July 1, 2012
Tags: aidark poolsfinancehigh frequency tradingstockstradingwall street
Boomerang Michael Lewis Read: October 1, 2011
Tags: 2008europefinancefinancial crisis
The Greatest Trade Ever Gregory Zuckerman Read: February 1, 2011
Tags: crisisfinancefinancial crisisgoldwall st
All the Devils Are Here Bethany McLean Read: February 1, 2011
Tags: 2008financefinancial crisis
The Predators' Ball Connie Bruck Read: December 1, 2010
Tags: dbldrexelfinancefraud
The Smartest Guys in the Room Bethany McLean Read: December 1, 2010
Tags: enronfinancefraud
Bombardiers Po Bronson Read: November 1, 2010
Tags: financestockstrading
When Genius Failed Roger Lowenstein Read: April 1, 2010
Tags: LTCMfinance
The Ascent of Money Niall Ferguson Read: March 1, 2010
Tags: creditfinancemoney
Den of Thieves James B. Stewart Read: January 1, 2010
Tags: arbitragefinanceinsider trading