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Tags: history

Figuring Maria Popova Read: December 31, 2020
Tags: artenvironmentalismfeminismgood coverhistorypoliticsscience
Caste Isabel Wilkerson Read: September 10, 2020
Tags: WW2american historycastehistoryholocaustpoliticsraceracismsociology
The New Jim Crow Michelle Alexander Read: September 10, 2020
Tags: crimehistoryinequalitypoliticsprisonracismus history
The Warmth of Other Suns Isabel Wilkerson Read: April 15, 2020
Tags: american historygreat migrationhistoryjim crowraceracismslavery
White Rage Carol Anderson Read: February 6, 2020
Tags: american historybad coverhistoryraceracism
Good and Mad Rebecca Traister Read: November 5, 2019
Tags: american historyangerbad coverfeminismhistorypoliticsracismsexism
How to Hide an Empire Daniel Immerwahr Read: October 23, 2019
Tags: historymanifest destinynative americansracismus history
Becoming Michelle Obama Read: April 17, 2019
Tags: historymemoirobamapolitics
The Origins of Totalitarianism Hannah Arendt Read: October 1, 2018
Tags: historyphilosophypoliticstotalitarianism
The Color of Law Richard Rothstein Read: April 10, 2018
Tags: FHAdiscriminationgood coverhistoryhousingracismsociology
White Trash Nancy Isenberg Read: November 13, 2017
Tags: american historyclasseconomicshistoryinequality
Istanbul Thomas F. Madden Read: October 18, 2017
Tags: ConstantinopleIstanbulchristianityhistoryreligion
Venice Thomas F. Madden Read: March 13, 2017
Tags: historyla serratatravelvenice
Conquerors Roger Crowley Read: March 21, 2017
Tags: AfricaIndiaPortugalhistorymapsoceantrade
Vienna, 1814 David King Read: December 1, 2015
Tags: Napoleoneuropehistory
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich William L. Shirer Read: July 1, 2014
Tags: WWIIgermanyhistoryhitler
A People's History of the United States Howard Zinn Read: November 1, 2013
Tags: american historyhistory
The Basque History of the World Mark Kurlansky Read: August 1, 2013
Tags: basquedonostiaetaguernicahistory
Legacy of Ashes Tim Weiner Read: July 1, 2013
Tags: ciacuban missile criseshistorypolitics
The Glorious Cause Robert Middlekauff Read: August 1, 2012
Tags: american historyhistoryrevolutionary warusa
The Information James Gleick Read: December 1, 2011
Tags: changeevolutionhistoryinformationinternetlanguagememesmusic
Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World Jack Weatherford Read: November 1, 2011
Tags: genghis khanhistorymongolia
The Island at the Center of the World Russell Shorto Read: February 1, 2011
Tags: american historyhistorynew york
Reminiscences of a Stock Operator Edwin Lefèvre Read: October 1, 2010
Tags: bucket shophistorystocks