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Tags: physical

A Brief History of Seven Killings Marlon James Read: December 24, 2020
Tags: Jamaicachristmaschristmas 2019
Tell Me How It Ends Valeria Luiselli Read: December 24, 2020
Tags: christmaschristmas 2019immigrationpolitics
The Triumph of Injustice Emmanuel Saez Read: October 29, 2020
Tags: americachristmaschristmas 2019financeincomeincome inequalitypoliticstaxtaxesus historyusawealth
The Field of Blood Joanne B. Freeman Read: February 20, 2020
Tags: american historychristmaschristmas 2019good cover
There There Tommy Orange Read: August 20, 2019
Tags: christmaschristmas 2018indiansnative americansprivilegeracetradition
Enlightenment Now Steven Pinker Read: July 21, 2019
Tags: pseudointellectualism
Seasonal Associate Heike Geissler Read: July 30, 2019
Tags: AmazonKaty Derbyshireeconomicslabortranslated
The Great Believers Rebecca Makkai Read: April 6, 2019
Tags: aidschristmaschristmas 2018lovetrauma
How to Change Your Mind Michael Pollan Read: February 14, 2019
Tags: LSDchristmaschristmas 2018drugsegomeditationmushrooms
Swing Time Zadie Smith Read: September 20, 2018
The Essex Serpent Sarah Perry Read: August 26, 2018
Tags: biologygood cover
The Checklist Manifesto Atul Gawande Read: June 2, 2018
Tags: bad coverchecklistscomplexitymanagement
Of Orcas and Men David Neiwert Read: June 19, 2018
Tags: environmentextinctionorcaswhales
The Color of Law Richard Rothstein Read: April 10, 2018
Tags: FHAdiscriminationgood coverhistoryhousingracismsociology
The Power Naomi Alderman Read: February 10, 2018
Tags: fictiongendergender equalitypowersexism
My Absolute Darling Gabriel Tallent Read: January 12, 2018
Tags: christmaschristmas 2017fiction
Human Acts Han Kang Read: December 28, 2017
Tags: Deborah Smithchristmaschristmas 2017deathhuman naturehumanitylife
The Antidote Oliver Burkeman Read: February 1, 2013
Tags: happinessmemento mori
Steve Jobs Walter Isaacson Read: February 1, 2012
Tags: applebiographybusinesssteve jobs
COMPLEXITY M. Mitchell Waldrop Read: December 1, 2010
Tags: behaviorcomplexityemergencesanta fe institute
Den of Thieves James B. Stewart Read: January 1, 2010
Tags: arbitragefinanceinsider trading