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Tags: politics

Figuring Maria Popova Read: December 31, 2020
Tags: artenvironmentalismfeminismgood coverhistorypoliticsscience
Tell Me How It Ends Valeria Luiselli Read: December 24, 2020
Tags: christmaschristmas 2019immigrationpolitics
The Triumph of Injustice Emmanuel Saez Read: October 29, 2020
Tags: americachristmaschristmas 2019financeincomeincome inequalitypoliticstaxtaxesus historyusawealth
Caste Isabel Wilkerson Read: September 10, 2020
Tags: WW2american historycastehistoryholocaustpoliticsraceracismsociology
The New Jim Crow Michelle Alexander Read: September 10, 2020
Tags: crimehistoryinequalitypoliticsprisonracismus history
Capitalist Realism Mark Fisher Read: September 11, 2020
Tags: capitalismeconomicsfinancemoneyphilosophypolitics
Politics Is for Power Eitan Hersh Read: May 15, 2020
Tags: american historypolitics
Down Girl Kate Manne Read: January 15, 2020
Tags: emergencefeminismmisogynyphilosophypolitics
Good and Mad Rebecca Traister Read: November 5, 2019
Tags: american historyangerbad coverfeminismhistorypoliticsracismsexism
Becoming Michelle Obama Read: April 17, 2019
Tags: historymemoirobamapolitics
Hope in the Dark Rebecca Solnit Read: December 6, 2018
Tags: hopepolitical philosophypolitics
One Person, No Vote Carol Anderson Read: December 19, 2018
Tags: american historybad coverelectionspoliticsraceracismusavoting
The Origins of Totalitarianism Hannah Arendt Read: October 1, 2018
Tags: historyphilosophypoliticstotalitarianism
Physics for Future Presidents Richard A. Muller Read: October 28, 2017
Tags: climateclimate changeelectricityenergynukesphysicspolitics
A Fighting Chance Elizabeth Warren Read: March 11, 2016
Tags: Elizabeth Warrenbailoutfinancial crisispoliticstarp
Guns, Germs, and Steel Jared M. Diamond Read: February 1, 2016
Tags: anthropologyevolutiongeographylanguagepolicypolitics
Legacy of Ashes Tim Weiner Read: July 1, 2013
Tags: ciacuban missile criseshistorypolitics
The Righteous Mind Jonathan Haidt Read: February 1, 2013
Tags: emergencemoralitypartisanpolitics